Welcome to Calais Water Distribution, the Australian distributor for CForce natural artesian water by Chuck Norris. Based in Thornton NSW, we are situated on the main distribution line of the Sydney to Newcastle M1 motorway.

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Pure. Powerful. Perfect.

There’s no other way to describe water that erupts from the ground with such clarity and smoothness. Bottled at the source on Chuck Norris’ Lone Wolf Ranch, nothing is added and nothing is taken away. It is Ice Age water, at its purest.

It is bottled at the source on the Norris family ranch where it is naturally filtered through volcanic rock and then deposited into a deep, sustainable aquifer. The water emerges naturally pure, rich in minerals and void of any biological factors. The aquifer cultivates clear, clean water with a naturally high pH and smooth taste. We take pride in the purity of CForce water and the eco-friendliness of its packaging.

CForce water flows to the surface on its own volition. This groundwater source is unlike other waters in the area, as the earth filters it naturally by flowing through rocks formed from volcanic rocks and ash. From an aquifer so deep that it is immune to all biological factors, the raw, high-quality water is collected at the sustainable source to be bottled.

Unique in the Gulf Coast area in the United States with unusual natural clarity, the CForce water source at Lone Wolf Ranch is very soft and has an ancient deep artesian aquifer that is estimated to be approximately 23,000 years old. This groundwater source is unlike other waters in the area, as the earth filters it naturally by flowing through rocks directly derived from ancient volcanic rock and ash.

Volcanic eruptions occurred between 23 and 33.9 million years ago from areas of West Texas, New Mexico, and northern Mexico and deposited volcanic sediments in ancient river beds in Southeast Texas. These volcanic sediments were subsequently buried and became rock through time – the same rock that bears the artesian aquifer of the CForce bottled water. The volcanic rocks act as natural water softeners as they remove hard minerals and metals from the groundwater through natural ion exchange, providing CForce water that is very soft, clear and free of organic impurities.

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